100 Days Project

Ben: 100 Writings / 100 Opening Guitar Hooks

various, random creative expressions / writings, inspired partially by 100 popular songs (songs that somewhat begin with a leading hook of a guitar.)

Day 96:

“Missing You” (1984) by John Waite

“Missing You” (1984) by John Waite


This is my Funeral song.  Anyone reading this, in the event, please play it loud in the hall.

It’s probably my favourite love song of all time.  Because with my view of love, lyrically, it’s not about triumph, it’s about rejection and denial – utter, soul-wrenching rejection and brain-torturing yearning in denial.  Love is supposed to make you feel horrible.  Love is supposed to make you feel incomplete.  Loving someone so hard, that when they are gone, you are nothing; incomplete.  Only when you’ve experienced the loss of love, rather than actual love, can people truly fulfil life.  Nothing hurts more real, than being alone.

I never understood that when I was younger.  I thought all these love songs were the soppiest shit on earth.  I thought these 80’s power ballads were all spoons of dripping porridge.  Then, I let the one get away and songs of this ilk, especially this one, have since held so much more ground. 

The song plays with every single emotion I’ve been through.   I wonder what she’s doing now?  I wonder if she still think of me?  Did I mean anything to you?  Do you still think of me?  What could’ve been?  All the potentials of a past relationship hurt … right there in the imaginings; right there in the unknowns.

Musically, the song is triumph.  That simple twinkling guitar arpeggio at the start, conjuring images of small ships on dark storms on dark seas: this is not going to end well.  That twinkling keyboard arperggio in the chorus ticks like a clock: the mammoth of time will pass excruciatingly, heart-breakingly slow.  And the backing vocals hammering it into the listener’s brain that I’m ‘Missing You’, even though in denial, I tell myself, ‘I Ain’t.’  Also for some reason, I see images of radio towers in vast fields: the insurmountable distance between you and me.  And listen to John soar!  I actually thought it was a woman singing.  That’s how delicate he delivered it.

It’s an overwhelming song for me.  I’m not actually playing it right now.  I’m just writing this outta memory of it, rather than want to endure all its horrible connotations while typing.  But I hope you enjoy it.  No, I mean, I hope it hurts you.  Hurts you just like it should.  Hurt you in the loving way it’s meant to be taken.  It’s a great song.

But it also works another way.  What if the person was dead?

I was inspired by when Rod Donald past away.  He asked to play Pink Floyd at his funeral.  What a cool guy!  I was also inspired by Randy Pausch’s ‘Last Lecture.’  What an inspirational way to go out!  But I also saw on Youtube, ‘Carla’s Final Video’ which she made a year before when she found out she had terminal cancer.  It’s funny and moving.

I’m nowhere near middle age, but I’ll make a video of me singing to the camera with this song soon, especially when I still look fairly good in my young adulthood.  Also, friends and family tell me I’m a pretty surprising and funny guy.  So, why wouldn’t I make a video for my own funeral?!

I hope my family and friends will put out some form of humour at my funeral.  No, in fact, I demand they do.  I hate the drudgery of tradition in funerals.  Hopefully, someone will.

So … dear reader … in the event, find the tape in my drawer and play it at my funeral.  Ta.