100 Days Project

Ben: 100 Writings / 100 Opening Guitar Hooks

various, random creative expressions / writings, inspired partially by 100 popular songs (songs that somewhat begin with a leading hook of a guitar.)

Day 92:

“Cousins” (2009) by Vampire Weekend

“Cousins” (2009) by Vampire Weekend

There’s a few people I address as my cuz.  A few as my bro.  A few as my mate.  A few as my pal.  And a few as Dude (which seems to never qualify for a possessive pronoun, but is hence best fit for someone who’s more of a public acquaintance, rather than as a personal friend!)  I’ve tried to collate some people I know into the following groups.

Here’s some cuzzies, because they actually are my family.  I’d definitely greet them with a “hey, Cuz!”:

Margaret, Fredstar, Lillian, Ane, Maria, Malia, Kolo and Lino (who has had a crush on Ritchie McCaw since 2001 and finally got to meet him in 2011 … with the Webb Ellis cup as well!)

Here’s some bro’s.  It’s an incredibly special term, reserved for only people I would trust; people I respect; people I love – so much so, I’d call them Brosephs.  But I’d definitely greet them with a “hey, Bro!”:

Robo, brother from another mother; Joey, who has been my brother growing up; and Soane, who is actually my brother.

Here’s some of my mates, some of my closest and bestestest of fwiends:

Reece, Tony, Salmon, Steve, Dave-C, Kellianne, Mel, Dave-O, Cwis, Natalie, Wayne, Dave-L, The Wife, Swanks and my nieces – who are better than I expected them to be; far funnier than I could imagine them and slowly moving their way up to the coveted ranking of ‘bro’.

Pals are very good acquaintances.  Pals are people I’d spend more than just a quick wave if I saw them on the street.  Pals are people you would like to get to know more but are barred by social or physical distance.  Pals are a great buffer between your inner circle and the larger world out there:

Maria, Daniel, Mike, V., Swanks, Grizz, Alan, Nigel, Craig, Cunningham, Andy, Lu Dawg, Brandon, Dan and Sambo, whose well on his way to having the house, wife and 2.7 kids that none of us have so far gotten our arse into doing.  He deserves it.

And finally dudes.  Dudes are friends of friends or friends you’ve lost contact with.  You respect them, to keep them as a friend on facebook.  You’d wave at them on the street.  But, y’know, you have nothing really in common.  And like from the origin of the term, you catch your wave and barrel away:
Alan, Claire, Willy, Olwyn, Raven, Jessica, Mafoe, Ross, Mark H, Manawa, Renee, Lisa, Leanne, Kendall, Ada and Greg, who I wouldn’t know if he’s dead, alive, in jail, outta the country.  That man floats with the wind.  No one has heard neither hide nor hair from him since 2009.  He was a cool dude, maybe too cool for me and the rest of us.  I hope he’s well … if he’s fucking alive!

Finally, there’s also potential friends, who you must try and figure out first to see where they would fit or whether they should be negated, because they’re an asshole.  All other terms, of ridiculousness and of no personal value whatsoever, can be used in these scenarios: man, boss, chief, buddy, homie, chap, kid, fulla, guy, sport, me old china, dawg, amigo, sir, etc, etc.