100 Days Project

Ben: 100 Writings / 100 Opening Guitar Hooks

various, random creative expressions / writings, inspired partially by 100 popular songs (songs that somewhat begin with a leading hook of a guitar.)

Day 88:

“Missing” (2004) by Ellegarden

“Missing” (2004) by Ellegarden

“Where the hell are my earphones?”  I was digging my pockets on my way to work and discovered $2 and a piece of fluff.  Of course, I had my iPhone, wallet and keys.  I must’ve left it at home.

I got home and checked the place where I usually put it, near the front door.  (There’s no reason to put them elsewhere for my own sake because if I want to listen to music, I can simply turn up the stereo.  There is no reason for a person to wear headphones inside the house.  But that’s just me.)  Nothing there.  I turned on the TV to want to hear about the sudden Earthquake in Wellington, where thankfully no one lost their lives.  I checked the floors – could’ve fallen out somehow.  Nothing.  Checked the insides of the couch and the lazyboys.  Nothing.  Checked under the bed.  Nothing.  Checked outside.  Nothing.  Soon the article came on, on precisely what happened down in the Capital came on and I forgot about the headphones.

The following morning, which was a Saturday, desperate not to want to go out and buy another pair of headphones, I checked the house again and again.  I eventually found it.  I remember I threw my pants in the dryer.  There they were, mangled and tossed.  But guess what?!  They still worked!  Woo Hoo!


The above writing is a lipogram.  I wrote it inclusive of all the letters in the English alphabet, but it’s Missing one letter.  Can you see which one?