100 Days Project

Ben: 100 Writings / 100 Opening Guitar Hooks

various, random creative expressions / writings, inspired partially by 100 popular songs (songs that somewhat begin with a leading hook of a guitar.)

Day 70:

“Infinity Guitars” (2010) by Sleigh Bells

“Infinity Guitars” (2010) by Sleigh Bells

This song was playing at the Mexican party that Mike and V were hosting.  New Years eve this year.  Baron came all the way over from Melbourne to drink tequila with us, which was nice.  I chatted with him about our predictions over what will happen to Walter White this year (which will end by the end by this 100 Days.)  Natalie and her husband, Wayne, looked great in their sombreros.  And The Wife, whom I can’t remember how he got his nickname, was partying the La Cucaracha all over the place.  The Wife was yelling how great the new Sleigh Bells album was.  He received a copy of their album contracting for bFM.

75 % of the people there, I knew.  Some of the host’s Tauranga friends were there too.  And as I sat down to chuck down a shot, Cate walked up to me.

Her eyes were set low, like a sunrise that would never rise.  She had big puppy dog cheeks.  And whilst I chucked down another shot, had the most devilish look on.  I never saw her ask for a shot.  She wore a fluffy velvet dress and was pursing her lips constantly during our conversation after every sentence she breathed onto me, that pushed out her dimples.  Another glad eye. 

We all went down to the Strand, Tauranga’s town, which was only a stone’s throw over.  At the bar, we were all talking, laughing, drinking, Gangnam sytle.  Cate was talking to someone when V crept up to me.  V acknowledged that she knew that Cate was eyeing me up, but warned me undoubtedly that Cate was a very good lawyer.  And with that comment, scuttled away to continue her pony dance.

What did that mean?  V’s intelligent.  Okay.  Let’s think.

Cate’s obviously single.  I didn’t see a ring.  So Cate could only be married to … her friends, her family, her community.  So she’s lawyer.  So she must be passionate about her community.  She wasn’t drinking.  She may have work tomorrow.  She may be even helping bail out some of these drunken idiots tomorrow morning, if they’re locked up.  In fact, that’s exactly what’s happening – she’s not drinking because she’s gonna help bail out some of these drunken idiots tomorrow morning!  So she cares about people.  That’s a lot of hard work and dedication.  I cannot be bothered helping out strangers.  This woman obviously does.  Thus, she’s made a career, a successful career, out of helping strangers.  That’s take a lot of time.  She’s successful.  She’s independent.  She’s independently wealthy.  She doesn’t need a man. 

Got it. 

This will only be a one night stand. 
Don’t expect anything more.
She’s independent.
This will eventually end – be prepared.

Suits me fucking fine!

As everyone continued their Korean hop inside, I took her for a walk.  Up Harington, along Cameron, over to the Tauranga Domain which held a 400 meter track.  We rolled around, viewed the stars, talked – and made out many times.  We walked back a few meters down, I carried her shoes.  We would eventually taxi to her house …


I was lucky enough to drag the relationship out as long as I could.  Up to the Boston bombing.  But when she ended it, I was prepared. 

But may I say, I had a great time with her. 

And again, I wish her well.