100 Days Project

Ben: 100 Writings / 100 Opening Guitar Hooks

various, random creative expressions / writings, inspired partially by 100 popular songs (songs that somewhat begin with a leading hook of a guitar.)

Day 67:

“Ghostwriter” (2002) by RJD2

“Ghostwriter” (2002) by RJD2


(Someone else’s writing.  A mate, Tony …)

So I'm told "Write anything.." which seems easy but freedom can be as much a curse as constant constrictions.

Okay here it goes...

If I promise cohesion I'd be setting myself up to expectation that I'm certainly never going to reach. So I'll write about writng for the mere fact of writing albeit without sense, reason or direction. Pleanty of ideas fomulate in my head but actually transfering them into logical words that form logical sentences is probably asking too much of me. You see I articulate the world around me via visual imagery; it's what comes natually to me. Although people still ask for words to interpret what they're seeing. Can't people just see without meaning?? Let me visualize it all without words and I'll be fine, but ask me to write and I feel like I've bludgeoned myself to death with a brick wall. It can't be all that bad, I have managed to spit out these words for you to read and give some sort of brief meaning. Ultimately do these words matter? Are they words of any consequence or will they just be lost into the stratosphere becoming what were, always will and have been... Words about nothing, no meaning and no direction.