100 Days Project

Ben: 100 Writings / 100 Opening Guitar Hooks

various, random creative expressions / writings, inspired partially by 100 popular songs (songs that somewhat begin with a leading hook of a guitar.)

Day 63:

“Waiting for the Rapture” (2008), by Oasis

“Waiting for the Rapture” (2008), by Oasis


Suicide note:

I see nothing worth saving.  Start again.  Nothing here is special.  I see nothing special.  Zap it all back again.  All I see is fucking shit.  Talking shit.  Dancing shit.  Thinking shit.  All part of the same compost.  Walking to work.  Laughing shit.  Walking back from work.  Sleeping shit.  Occupied with shit.  This is a circus.  Monkey shit.  Godless shits.  Nothing worth saving here at all.  Shut up.

A generation of slaves.  To themselves.  Buying shit they don’t need to fill voids they never had.  I see sins everyday.  And they just accept it.  They tolerate it as trivial.  They have lost their definition to Him.  They have lost their dedication to Him.  No spirit.  No purpose.  He will wipe them all out and I will not shed a tear.  All my anger will be worth this.  This new Sodom and Gomarrah will join its namesake.

When was the last time they worshipped him?  When was the last time they spoke his name, other than when they stubbed their fucking toe?

Throw out the televisions.  Throw out the music players.  Throw out the computers.  Throw out the monies.  Throw out their coffee lattes.  Throw out their exercise machines.  Throw out their hairpieces.  Throw out their lights.  Throw out their drugs.  Throw out their vehicles.  Throw out their judicial system.  Throw out their tattooed skins.  Throw themselves into the hole.  These hopeless freaks will learn.  The Saviour will show them.

The tidal wave will flush them away.  Coming soon.  Any day now.  No chance for these shits.  Greater than Noah’s.  Greater than any of their best swimmers.  So great, they would be unable to deny it.  Greater than the reality of it.  No chance.  A great swell will toss them into air.  The ground will give way and sweep them all away.  Down into the plughole.  Soon.

But I will not be here for it.  Instead of helping this garden grow into the bile of shit it is.  I will fly away before the garden gets bulldozed.