100 Days Project

Ben: 100 Writings / 100 Opening Guitar Hooks

various, random creative expressions / writings, inspired partially by 100 popular songs (songs that somewhat begin with a leading hook of a guitar.)

Day 55:

“Saturday Night’s Alright (For Fighting)” (1973) by Elton John

"Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting)" (1973) by Elton John

Date: 22/09/2010

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter’s written as my testimony for Wayne Wilkie’s lawyer about the events of the night in question.

I witnessed my mate Wayne being threatened outside the Longroom bar (114 Ponsonby Road) in Ponsonby at around 12 am on the morning of Sunday 5th September.

Description of events:

When I came outside I saw Wayne, and Steve Osborn (another friend of mine) standing there talking to a bouncer. I walked up to see what was going on and stood next to Wayne. The bouncer moved over to greet / check patrons just arriving at the bar and while he was out of ear shot I witnessed the gentleman who I later realised was the complainant and his friends threatening Wayne with violence. I heard the complainant say “you’re going down”. I took this to mean they were going to attack Wayne if they had the chance (most likely if the bouncers went inside before the police arrived).

When the police arrived, these same guys accused me of assaulting one of them – I was made aware of this by the policeman questioning them. When the policeman addressed me about this, I, of course, told him the truth, that I did not punch them, and was not even in the vicinity. Thankfully the police discounted their claim. From this throwing of blame, I believe that their testimony and actions are entirely false and muddled.

Ben Finau

(... true story.)