100 Days Project

Ben: 100 Writings / 100 Opening Guitar Hooks

various, random creative expressions / writings, inspired partially by 100 popular songs (songs that somewhat begin with a leading hook of a guitar.)

Day 48:

“What Makes You Beautiful” (2011) by One Direction

“What Makes You Beautiful” (2011) by One Direction

Went to Pub Quiz last night and there was a question where ya had to name ten of the 25 largest-followed Twitter Accounts. My team fairly failed this – we got 50%. We got Barack correct, but otherwise, I really don’t think any of us follow the following: @justinbieber; @katyperry; @ladygaga; @taylorswift13; @rihanna; @britneyspears; @jtimberlake; @shakira; @JLo; @KimKardashian; @Pink; @NICKIMINAJ; @BrunoMars; @OfficialAdele; @ddlovato; @selenagomez; @aliciakeys; @MileyCyrus.

(I regret to inform you there was one answer I personally got correct: @Harry_Styles. My friends were ribbing me in how I “love One Direction” and how they’re “my favourite band.” I turned faux-furious on them and told them I never listen to such horrible music … and that I love Metallica … urgh … (further grunty noises) …. urgh! They laughed, seeing right through my folly. But honestly speaking, I don’t know how I knew that answer was correct. But I did it for the team!)

But you know what 50% meant? It ultimately was a reflection of us. We’re getting older and can’t relate with the youth of today, but are still Twitter active. We know of most modern Popstars and youth trends, but wouldn’t tag them on Facebook. We’re of the era between Generation X and the Millennials.

After all these years, I’m very privileged and honoured to still be friends with my highschool mates of the same year. And together, we laugh at the shared experiences we’ve had. Though these are personal to me and my friends and may differ to other people born in the same era as us, they’ve still made me realise the limbo we reside in between the two generations:

* First off, we’d say we belong to Generation X, because they were cooler and edgier, but we were too young to attend a Nirvana gig.
* Our adolescence can be summed up between when Kurt died and when Brittany strutted in.
* We were too young to own beepers.
* We got our first email address at University.
* Before computers became an easy commodity, we were the last to write letters by hand.
* We were the first to decide whether we wanted a cellphone or not. Today it is a prerequisite.
* We were young enough to have crushes on New Kids on the Block and old enough to have crushes on Backstreet Boys.
* Gen X had Star Wars. The Millennials had The Lord of the Rings. We can say we had both.
* We know how to operate a VCR.
* We know all the lyrics to ‘End of the Road’ by Boyz II Men and ‘Waterfalls’ by TLC
* We know Billy Blanks was a video instructor for Tae Bo.
* We were old enough to remember listening to Channel Z and now young enough to start listening to RadioLive.
* We are too old to know who Lizzie McGuire is.
* Gen X is our pessimistic, cynical, Cobain-ish side. Millennials are our naïve, bubbly, Brittany side.
* And lastly, we feel torn between valuing the old and completely embracing the new. But that we kinda pick the best of both.

In fact, of our generation, you can call us “The Goonies”!