100 Days Project

Ben: 100 Writings / 100 Opening Guitar Hooks

various, random creative expressions / writings, inspired partially by 100 popular songs (songs that somewhat begin with a leading hook of a guitar.)

Day 42:

“Tonight” (1990) by New Kids On The Block

“Tonight” (1990) by New Kids On The Block

What have I got planned tonight?

* Sort out the fortnightly shopping. Toothpaste?
* Remember to wear a jumper. It’s getting pretty cold outside and I forget by the time I leave.
* Go to the Gym. Gotta take a towel. I sweat all over the god damn equipment.
* Top up that Hopcard – This public transport system better be better.
* Try and goad mates into skating at the Ice Rink that’s opened up in Aotea. Highly unlikely.
* Remind ‘The Salmonator’ to watch all of ‘Breaking Bad’. The last season’s coming up this year.
* Organise haircut. Should I bother? It’s too cold out there for my head. Cancelled.
* Text another mate of mine to give me NBC’s ‘Hannibal’ on USB. I heard it’s good.
* steal Milk from work. They’re given 9 bottles, most of which are never used. Don’t mind if I do.
* Make an appearance at a former Work function. Just to say hello. 5 minutes at best.
* Return those Library books.
* Less Butter. She doesn’t want me to.
* Iron that last shirt on the rack. All the others are in the wash.
* work on my Patrick Stewart impression – “Engage!”
* Put this oldschool lamp I got from an old flatmate, up on Trademe. $350 expected.
* Text another mate of mine if he can get me cheaper priced tickets for Andre Rieu.
* Pick up drycleaning.
* Buy an electric toothbrush.
* Finish off reading this book, Alan Sepinwall’s ‘Revolution was Televised.’ Two chapters to go!
* Quickly check up on the highlights of the Ashes test. I heard that Video Ref decision was gold!
* Mate wants to see a short Maori film, for Matariki at AUT. Got too much going on. Can’t do it.
* Text my niece Happy Birthday.
* Write tomorrow’s entry for this project!
* Call her up .....
..... which I’ll do right now actually ….