100 Days Project

Ben: 100 Writings / 100 Opening Guitar Hooks

various, random creative expressions / writings, inspired partially by 100 popular songs (songs that somewhat begin with a leading hook of a guitar.)

Day 31:

“Dr. Strangeluv” (2007) by Blonde Redhead

“Dr. Strangeluv” (2007) by Blonde Redhead

Are you a Stanley Kubrick fan? Read on. (If not, well, I guess it sucks to be you!)

I transcribed a funny and true story Vincent D'Onofrio told about filming ‘Full Metal Jacket’. I got it off Youtube. As Kubrick (a British resident) hated travelling, the film was shot entirely in England. D’Onofrio was being interviewed, alongside Jan Harlan, executive producer of the film, at the Stanley Kubrick Festival, held at Florida State, back in 2010:

D’Onofrio: "So we were out in this field. Stanley was on a crane. And we were out in this field and I think we were at– where did we shoot the…?”

Harlan: “Hetfield”

D’Onofrio: “Hetfield. Right, which was British…?”

Harlan: “British military. It was a British military camp, which we were allowed to use-“

D’Onofrio: “right”

Harlan: “so that we didn’t have to build all these foreign buildings, y’know”

D’Onofrio: “so we were doing this British camp, British military camp for Parris Island. We were using parts of it to look like Parris Island. So we were in the obstacle area and they had these yellow tyres painted and three huge circles of yellow tyres, I mean, y’know, three hundred feet diameter, y'know. And all these- Everybody who didn’t have a line in the movie, was a Brit. Y’know, in Greens like in America, right. So, they were all crossed-legged, sitting around these tyres. And Stanley, y’know, the one thing about shooting in England for, y’know, is, is the sky is very particular there and the light changes constantly and the clouds are low. He was constantly looking for the right light in his right shot. So he would sit up upon the crane like a pirate, y’know, with his lens, y’know. Many lenses actually and with, um. He’d sit on this crane and we’d all sit there and we’d watch. And the Brits, ‘cause, y’know, a few of them, I won't say all of them, but a few of them were, y’know, would drink all day.

And they would get antsy cause, y’know, they’d been like two hours since they’d had a beer and they’d be sitting in the sun around these tyres and it’s time that they'd refresh themselves. And so y’know, somebody would say some nasty comment, y’know. And Terry (Needham), the first (assistant director) who was a like an old ball player, right, like he was a big dude, man. Terry would hear it. And he would come over to the tyres and say, ‘Who said that?!’

Y’know, and everybody would get really quiet, y’know. ‘Just cool out guys, Stanley’s looking for the shot, right.’ So he’d walk away. And then some Brit would get up the nerve and scream something out, right. Stanley came down off the crane. And I was watching the whole thing happen, y’know. Stanley’s talking to Terry. Y’know, they’re both kinda like- Stanley’s getting frustrated cause he can’t find his shot, Terry’s getting frustrated cause the Brits wanna get their beer, but things are going a little tense. And then some Brit has to say something, so he says something else again and Terry comes stomping over to the big- y'gotta imagine, it’s like, y’know, maybe 200 guys sitting around these tyres, right. And Terry goes, 'WHO SAID THAT?! I WANNA KNOW WHO SAID IT!'

And one of the Brits stands up and says, 'I’M SPARTACUS!'

And then another one stands up and says, 'NO, I’M SPARTACUS!'

It was sooooo funny, man

And about 50 of them stood up, 'I’M SPARTACUS!'

And Stanley said everybody go, y'know, have lunch or something”