100 Days Project

Karma: Buddhism for Assholes

This is a project that's been on my backburner for about two years. So I'm writing everyday for the next 100. In the process I hope to find my way back to my voice, back to my life and back to my practice.
Here's to shaking off Asshole 2.0.

I'm several days behind - I was hoping to lag too much. But health issues are plaguing me and all I do is sleep. 

The thing I've noticed much is that the noise is still at bay and I'm not spiralling out as much as I had been a couple months ago. About boys and projects and things. It's good news, that. I feel like I can trust myself. Both with what I feel and how I react.

That is a remarkable feat, considering the last couple years. It's nice to know my body can crap out and my head doesn't have to follow. I'm right in the middle of my second 40 days of the blockbuster mantra and I feel a tremendous difference.

I think about how it works. Is there power in the mantra? Is there power in the belief and "putting it out there"? I'm not sure what level of bullshit I believe in. But I do feel it working. It's an amazing thing to be able to trust my head in times like this, when my body goes to shit. 

So I'll try to at least pull it together to write something everyday. 

Day 23:

Dios Mio