100 Days Project

Ben: 100 Writings / 100 Opening Guitar Hooks

various, random creative expressions / writings, inspired partially by 100 popular songs (songs that somewhat begin with a leading hook of a guitar.)


Day 21:

“Wanted Dead or Alive” (1987) by Bon Jovi

“Wanted Dead or Alive” (1987) by Bon Jovi

Yes, I didn’t put in a YouTube link. That’s because I do NOT want to listen to it. Simply put, I don’t like Bon Jovi.

I don’t I hate them. I don’t think I hate any musician. Even little Justin Beiber is just trying to make a living. They’re all hard working guys. It’s just that I’ve never felt comfortable listening to their music, Beiber or Bon Jovi. And with that, I choose the right not to own any of their music on my MP3 list. Simply because - I don’t like their music.

There’s other music I don’t like either. But (thankfully) I know people who do:

* Jazz – Where the fuck is the Chorus?! You fuckers play that shit and lose me within the first minute because I don’t know where the melody is or what I’m supposed to return to. And get some fuckin’ lyrics, arseholes! (My friend Rob is big Jazz fan. He says Jazz is supposed to be limitless and have no obligation to return to a melody of theme. I guess it’s my fault for not being fast enough to keep up with them.)

* Drum and Bass – You fuckin’ trance hippies waving glow sticks around. It all sounds the same to me. (One of my ex-girlfriends loved DNB. She asked me if I’ve tried Ecstasy. I said no. She said that’s why I don’t like DNB. (That’s why she’s an ex.))

* Neil Diamond – Sultry middle of the road rubbish. (My aunty, who loves Neil Diamond, asked me why I dislike him. I told her, back in the 70s, he was cocky, up himself and thought he was better than anyone else, even Bob Dylan. She said I wasn’t even born in the 70’s. Fair enough.)

But I do understand the other side of the coin. Which is why I try to appreciate other peoples love for music I dislike, just as much as I want other people to appreciate music I like.

* Country music – Some of the most patiently beautiful songs ever written. (My mate Alan is a hip hop boy and despises Country music. It makes his hair stand on ends. He says it’s too slow, frustratingly slow. I said to him, well, that’s the key – Country music just takes time. Just like the sheep it’s trying to rustle into those North Taranaki sheds. Just like the silo of milk churning next month’s batch. Just like driving through the wide open spaces of South Otago. Country music takes time because it is of the Country. This obviously had no impact on him. As I was relaxingly describing the aforementioned analogy of the music, he had already left the conversation.)

What was I talking about? Oh yeah, that’s right, Bon Jovi.

* I remember my sister owning a blue covered CD in 1995. She used to talk about how hot Jon Bon Jovi was and even watched his acting stint on Ally McBeal in the late 90’s. But at that time I never said anything, especially when young girls go through their crush stage. It was only later I ribbed her. I asked her what’s to like about this guy or this group – the songs are shitty, his voice is skin-curdling and they dress like idiots. She embarrassingly reminded me I had a crush on Ginger Spice. We never dissed each other’s music ever again after that.

If you are a Bon Jovi fan. Apologies. I'm sure it's not too difficult to find your own Youtube link.