100 Days Project

Ben: 100 Writings / 100 Opening Guitar Hooks

various, random creative expressions / writings, inspired partially by 100 popular songs (songs that somewhat begin with a leading hook of a guitar.)

Day 18:

“Jessica” (1973) by the Allman Brothers band

“Jessica” (1973) by the Allman Brothers band

I met her at a Dodos gig when they came down here in 08. Or was it 09? Poor thing was standing all alone at the back’a the room, sipping with a straw. She was wearing a black top. To anyone who’s been to the Bacco Room, it’s an incredibly claustrophobic venue – almost a bunker. No, in fact, it actually is a bunker. The coloured lights, aimed from the back, around only 8 meters away, lit up the stage. And the stage, already glittered in some form of decoration, lit straight back, creating a vacuum of a strange golden luminous glow. And standing there, lonesome, was a honey haired woman sparkling in an amber aura, unaware of it.

I can’t specifically remember what I said but obviously any inquisitive man would always ask questions. And that’s exactly what I did. She was only in Auckland for a little while. She was from Arizona. She was staying in Remuera with some people that she found on the internet a month before landing. She wanted to experience something new, so basically threw a dart at a map and ended up here. How incredibly courageous of her to do that and how incredibly crazy of her to do that! Not only did I think this woman was cool, I thought I better play it gently rather than not come off as a weirdo – for the exact same reasons I would fear if I had made such a bold on-the-whim international move. “You’re brave! You should watch out, you might meet some crazy people,” biting my lip as I said it.

We dated that month – it was fast and fun. Though I took my nieces to “Avatar”, I took her to it and watched it again. (From that last screening, I can tell you, I’m not a fan of 3D. Those glasses sat horribly on the bridge of my nose.) We both thought it was okay – nothing too spectacular, even for me on second viewing.

We used to meet at the Kebab shop on K Road where we’d talk about ridiculous things, as you do. Just as safety measure, which is what I still do, I wiki’d everything I knew about her at that stage, so that conversations wouldn’t reach awkward silences. I realised I didn’t know jack diddly squat about Arizona. I said one of my favourite bands were from Arizona, the Shins. She rectified, stating they were actually from New Mexico. I swiftly talked about other things. She liked Sinead O’Connor’s music and Natalie Portman movies. She didn’t get along very well with her brother’s wife. She thinks she’s a bitch. As time went by, I knew this wouldn’t last long. She was a Tomboy at heart. She said she loved the Outdoors and was surprised by the amount of great hiking and sceneries this country provided. I fucking hate mosquitoes – what can I say, I’m an urban boy. Overall, it was entertaining while it lasted.

(I said to her how I could handle the beach better than the country. I also told her how Matthew Fox from the TV series, Lost, was born in Montana and loved being on the ranch. He decided heavily over whether he wanted to work on a show that was basically set on a beach. He also can’t swim. In the end, Matthew made the right decision. How can we view Jack Shephard any differently now?)

She went back to the States soon after and I haven’t really spoken to her since. I added her on Facebook, but have no real reason to converse with her. She’s now living on a ranch in New Mexico – with a boyfriend, who dotes on camping and river rafting. What a cool guy!

Though I’ve moved on to other women, every time I hear the theme music to Top Gear, I can imagine Jessica saddling ‘em up; stoking that fire; paddling down that river; wanting to knock out her sister-in-law; and/or hiking up that mountain. (Then that image is usually shattered when Jeremy Clarkson comes on and opens up his fat gob.)

I wish her well.