100 Days Project

Imee: Code, Collate, Compose, Curate

Code my own website where I can finally collate my travel writing from the last few years, compose new pieces on some of the random musings I've been wanting to share and curate the things that inspire me.

Day 17:

Back into it after two weeks of being sick and chaos abounds

I've spent almost the last two weeks sick so have been keeping up with the 100 Days project by reading every day to learn the JSON code that I'm trying to implement. And today it's back to the actual site implementation. At least it was until I discovered that Myspace, which I'd been using as my blog since 2006, has done a site update and deleted their members' photos, videos, messages and blogs. Holy guacamole! So I was in a bit of a panic since Myspace is where I was transferring all my old travel blogs from and that would mean that I've lost all of my writing. After a couple of hours of reading through Myspace's feedback forums (understandably there are a LOT of angry users out there) and attempting to find some way to get my writing back, I remembered that the old netbook we had bought on our trip with us might have a copy of the Word doc I'd been writing in when we were on the road. And halle-frickin'-lujiah, it did! So crisis averted and I'll be back to transferring posts to the new site tomorrow. And writing a very angry email to Myspace.