100 Days Project

penny: Auckland Dairies

A photo essay of Auckland dairies, one a day for 100 days – using the same settings for each. (iPhone 4S using Hipstamatic, lens = Jimmy, film = Ina 1969 and standard camera, no flash.) Note I am going to try to NOT use Photoshop. I will flag those images which have been adjusted in PS.

The local dairy is a Kiwi icon. Generally it’s loud, proud and overflows out onto the sidewalk. Chaotic conflicts of branding, signage, posters and local notices abound - but somehow there’s a certain familiarity that is appealing and attractive in a weird way.

I’m using this medium as I think it fits the subject – the Hipstamatic treatment complements/enhances the “take me as I am” upfrontness of the local dairy.

I know this challenge will become harder as the days pass, and will require exploration of other areas in Auckland. I’ll be out of my ‘zone so to speak... It will end up being an exploration of greater Auckland, and a celebration of the dairy in all its gaudy glory.