100 Days Project

Ashton Lexie: Med-dling.

Using two books from my book collection - that have been waiting for this opportunity - I am going to create medals to award myself for something (anything!) each and every day.
As a secondary visual arts teacher I spend my days praising my students and feeding them with ideas. In turn I am rewarded with an abundance of creative energy. Here goes 100 days of directing this energy into something for me!

HERALDRY: Medals, Badges & Uniforms. 1973
Girl Guides Annual 1959

Works will be mixed media (paint + collage) on brown paper. Each piece will feature a re-created medal, an organic section below used to smooth paint on my brush & appreciate the unexpected/colour palette, and an award title using words from the Girl Guides Annual that link to something I have achieved on that day.

Bring it on :)