100 Days Project

Matt: Up!

How often do you look up? Why do you look up? Is it because you hear a helicopter or an aeroplane? It may have even been to check the weather, but with today's ever increasing reliance on technology we are looking down more than ever! social media, news feeds, even weather reports are right there in your pocket on your shiny new smart device. I've noticed too many people walk down the street eyes focused on the floor lost in the music pumping from their headphones. Often they are too engaged in their smartphones and tablets to notice what is happening around them and the beauty that is in the skies above them.

For this project I am going to say no to looking down! For 100 days I will only look up, the main focus will be the beauty that can be found in the ever changing cloudscape above us. I just pray we don't get 100days of grayness and drizzle!