100 Days Project

The Divine Mrs Clarke: 100 days mastering the art of Food IPhoneography

The Divine Mrs Clarke, a Wannabe Food Blogging IPhoneographer

“Food porn” has become the common term for photographs that make a viewer salivate at first glance. Urban Dictionary defines it as “mouthwatering pictures of delicious foods,” designed to tempt the onlooker. Conversely, the camera can make even the most delicious meal look unappealing.

So how does one take the kind of food porn-y pictures that live up to the definition of the term?

Over the next 100 days, using only my IPhone and with the help of a couple of apps and tools I'm going to try my darnedest making food look (& sound) as delicious as 2-D can make it. I will be sharing these pics with you daily.