100 Days Project

Jane: Highlights, lowlights & daily expressions of gratitude

Following on from last years word project where I asked my two children (Charlie age 7 and Ella age 6) what their word of the day was - this year we are planning to capture the highlights and lowlights of each day and document a daily expression of gratitude. I am planning that the children will provide the highlights and lowlights and all of us will contribute towards what we are thankful for each day. It's amazing what a child will recall after an adventure. I remember crafting scrapbooks with the children whilst on holiday in Fiji and after a day of island hopping Charlie's sentence about the day was about the first aid kit in the Bula bus. I'm looking forward to learning through my children what was awesome about their days, understanding if there were parts that could've gone better - and the differences between a nearly 8 and 6 year olds perspective. Looking forward to it!