100 Days Project

Lucy Wilson: 100 Doodles. 100 Days.

The project title says it all!
100 Doodles. 100 Days.
I actually started my project 37 days early. I didn't know about this 'official' site until a few days after I started. So I've had a bit of a head start but I'm still loving every day! My facebook page shows my drawings from the very beginning. Free free to take a look and follow my progress there too.

Day 63 was the last of my original 100 (success! one every day, no cheating!), but now that we're beyond that point I'm trying some new things so that's why they've started to look a bit different. Forgive me if I'm not posting a drawing EVERY day now that we're past day 63... 137 doodles in 137 days just doesn't have the same ring to it :)