100 Days Project

Thilde: The Patience project

I love to paint with oils. But my main problem is that I can't take my time with it, 5 days, 6 max and I'm done with a 2m x 1.5m painting. Problem is, that I then 2 weeks later admire the painting hanging on the wall and think to myself: Oh I wish I had done this differently, painted the corner properly or blended the colours better here. But once it's hanging on the wall I don't want to take it down and start over, because to me it's done. And what poses me the most problem is realism.
So this project is for me a way to improve both my painting skills and my patience as I plan to paint a realistic background to a big painting, 120cm x 80cm, of a young girl who only has a face before the project starts, and thereby spend 100 days on the painting, something that I have never even thought to achieve before.
Every day during the project I will post a photo of my progress.

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