100 Days Project

Tony: Diary of a smoker…

Smokers, the modern day lepers. I was hanging out with a bunch of people one day and was constantly ridiculed for my smoking habit especially by these two women who were snorting cocaine. They would come out of the toilets wiping their noses, look at me with utter distaste and comment:
"Oh my god! You're still smoking, how many has it been?"
I replied "Well at least my dirty habit is legal.”
But then I thought to myself . . .Hmmm for how long I wonder?

Since the 1980s the western world has changed drastically for the average smoker. Smoking has become a negative, looked down upon habit with all the cancers it causes and the burden it places on the health system. There's even talk of making New Zealand smoke free by 2025.
So, as the years have gone by, smokers have been slowly ostracized and now almost exist on the fringes of society. We are moving to the point where it might actually become an illegal activity.

For my 100 day project I will document the contemporary smoker before smoking becomes a thing of the past. Every day I plan to take a photographic portrait of a smoker or create an image which is smoking related. Ultimately this will be a visual diary of my dirty smoking habit.