100 Days Project

Naomi: Photographs & Words

Analogue photography & words to match

Alice: 100 dishes in 100 days

Collating ideas for a cookbook of sorts. Experimenting with everyday dishes to make clean eating easy.

Kate : Something Beautiful

Each day I will spend 10-20 minutes sketching, photographing or painting something that I find interesting, beautiful or inspiring. I will then add figures to alter the scale of the object.

This is a new and exciting way for me to brainstorm ideas for artistic installations, furniture and decorative lighting, without the pressure to perfect them.

Also visit: www.kateramsay.com

Michelle: A Still Life.

A portrait of a mannequin every day for 100 x days.

Josie: blaque.

as long as it's black.
a reflection of my mood, of my day.

Haley: The Adventures of Captain Curly the Wonder-Junkie

In my attempt to return to the spontaneity of a child, whilst living in the world of adults, I am creating a photo documentation of my daily adventures for 100 days.

These adventures will be a mixture of trying something new everyday as well as taking the time to really appreciate the people, places, and things that are right in front of me.

Ashton Lexie: Med-dling.

Using two books from my book collection - that have been waiting for this opportunity - I am going to create medals to award myself for something (anything!) each and every day.
As a secondary visual arts teacher I spend my days praising my students and feeding them with ideas. In turn I am rewarded with an abundance of creative energy. Here goes 100 days of directing this energy into something for me!

HERALDRY: Medals, Badges & Uniforms. 1973
Girl Guides Annual 1959

Works will be mixed media (paint + collage) on brown paper. Each piece will feature a re-created medal, an organic section below used to smooth paint on my brush & appreciate the unexpected/colour palette, and an award title using words from the Girl Guides Annual that link to something I have achieved on that day.

Bring it on :)

Becki: Typography and textiles.

I'm going to experiment by embarking on a hundred days of hand-drawn lettering, patterns and prints.

Mackenzie: 100- store and home mediums to reflect you

Within my project i attempt to use 100 different mediums many found around the house to illustrate, how it's not just the content that matters , and although we think we may not have any art materials all we need to do is have a look around the house :)

Jamie : Top Stories

Taking inspiration from everyday life while improving upon my drawing skills I will be using text and media to define my artwork.

Cass: 100 short short stories

Everyday I will write for 10 minutes. Usually I will have something in mind to write about, but if not, I will just sit at the screen and write.

Anna: Stocking the retail shop

Make papier mache and felted wool bowls, brooches, earrings and push pins.

Samara: One hundred Days of Reinvention

Joining the subconscious and freedom of loose expressive paintings with the conscious choice of written word. An intimate diary over a period of progressive and at times chaotic change.

Leah: -


Steph: Close Enough For Comfort

Each day for the next 100 days, I want to photograph close up patterns, textures and subjects that have made me stop and appreciate the little things in life- an active reminder to see the beauty all around us amidst the rush of everyday life.

Kyle: 10 Artists x 10 Days

With a lack of colour and illustration in my every day, I will be creating 100 pieces of awe-inspiring illustration based off ten established artists that I enjoy. Switching artist every ten days to keep both you and myself excited, I hope to produce a strong body of work influenced directly by these selected artists and create a 'final' publication on the 100th day.

The ten artists for this project will be:

Week 1*Sarah Mazzetti- http://cargocollective.com/sarahmazzetti
Week 2*Nathaniel Russell - http://nathanielrussell.com
Week 3*Agostino- http://www.agostinoiacurci.com/
Week 4**Stevie Gee- http://steviegee.tumblr.com/
BLU- http://www.blublu.org/
*BMD- http://www.bmdisyourfriend.com/
*Black Koki - http://black-koki.tumblr.com
*Os Gemeos- http://www.osgemeos.com.br/
*Agostino- http://www.agostinoiacurci.com/
*Niv Bavarksy- http://www.nivbavarsky.com/
*Parra- http://byparra.com/

If you enjoy my work, have a peek at my talented studio amigos also participating:

Henry Christian-Slane- http://100daysproject.co.nz/project/2013/603
Gabi- http://100daysproject.co.nz/project/2013/732
Adam Tan- http://100daysproject.co.nz/project/2013/604

Chloe: Portraits

All my friends know that I have an unhealthy obsession with the Marvel character Loki (and the actor), aka the God of Mischief aka the brother of Thor. There is something about that character that makes me want to punch his face in, but at the same time give him all the pudding he wants in the whole of nine realms. Anyone who has watched the films Thor and The Avengers would know that Loki isn’t your typical ‘mwahaha’ villain, because he is a complex troubled character with lots of problems to do with self-identity. Basically, as ‘godly’ as he may think he is, he is essentially just like the rest of us: equipped with emotions and flaws of which we, as human beings, cannot escape from.

I want to use this opportunity to create 100 drawings/paintings to portray different sides of Loki. This project will hopefully give me some motivation to finish some old drawings, as well as the courage to explore different kinds of medium and art styles :)

Marielle: Things

Photography/design/both at the same time

Mymoena : More than words

The plan is to end up with a complete short story

Alice: AHH..real monsters!

Let's see what happens..

Also visit: aliceberrydesign.com

Ms Scheele from Steele: 100 Days of Sustainable Living

In my 100 days, I want to give some hints and information, on how to make, buy and live a better world.

I know that many people in New Zealand, and all over the planet, are getting more and more conscious about what we buy, where it comes from respectively how it is made and what is really in it. Regarding to a post* by the Conscious Consumers** already 1 in 10 Kiwis is naming “Fairtrade, animal cruelty, environmental sensitivity or buying local” as the single most important factor when choosing a product.

I don’t think anymore*** that the other 9 people are cruel, ignorant or selfish (well, at least not all of them). I believe they just don’t know any better!
And so true, the post also said that “67% would ditch a brand if they found out it was behaving unethically”. (Which brings the cruel, ignorant and selfish, or maybe simply poor people down to 3 out of 10, and the Good People Party**** would win absolute majority in the next election, hey!)

Please be aware that this is Citizen Journalism and don’t take anything for granted what I’m going write. I’m also just relying on information in the internet and some half knowledge I’ve collected over the last couple of years. Do your own research, ask whoever you can and who might know better, tell me if I was wrong, and just be open for a change.

I’ll try to make it as simple as possible, so that even my 4 year old godson could understand. He’s also my main motivator. Because I love him dearly and want to leave him only the best world possible. Which lies in our hands, all together.

_ _ F _ o _ o _ t _ n _ o _ t _ e _ s _ _

* Based on a report by the Sustainable Business Council/Fairfax Business and Consumer Behaviour Survey and evidence from major supermarket chains.

** The Concsious Consumers is a group of people, who know that we can choose the world we live in just by buying the right products. Actually I came up with the same idea a year or so before they were founded, but probably they also had this idea a year or so before they were founded and they just had the guts to work on it earlier!

** Thanks to a good friend of mine who is the most understanding and selfless person I know, plus she is doing her PHD and knows even more about surveying and thinking unbiased than me.

**** This is another idea I had a while ago and I hope some other people are already working on this one too. But if you have a look at the news all over the world, there surely are. If not I’m getting back to this one after my little 100 days project :)

Oh and one last thing – if you are still reading, with so much text here and so many beautiful pictures elsewhere – my idea for these 100 days also manifested a few months ago.
That the CC post appeared just recently, is of course law of causality or s.th. like that. I haven’t checked all the other 700 projects yet, so I don’t know if someone else is doing exactly the same. I saw a couple heading in the same direction though and I will most likely link to their page if one of my days is connected.
In addition you're more than welcome to share my posts, if you want. In my opinion good ideas are floating ’round for free and we just need to grab and share them!

raul: FADE: Graphic Archeology

Graphic Archeology is a photographic essay about the forgotten, deteriorated, unused or repurposed 'graphic landscape' that surrounds us. This is an 'ode' to those signs that –either by still embodying part of their original 'beauty', by purposeful interventions or by 'happy accidents'– are hidden gems of our ever-changing everyday urban landscape. Surrounded by 'newness', 'oldness' speaks in an incredibly powerful way.

Deinika: Project Confidence

This will be an exploration of design inspiration and direction. It will be a series of quotes that resonate with me an aspiring designer. Something that inspires and guides. It will help me gain confidence in who I am as a designer and my style and hopefully others will find it use full as well.

Rebecca: Logophilia

It's pretty simple. Each day I'll use the below website to generate a random word. I'll then create something that represents the word. It may be illustrative or typographic or simply some other interpretation of the word. Here goes...


Penny: Tiny Towns

I was impressed and inspired by this collaborative project called the the everywhere project
I've decided to design 100 little logos for some of the tiny towns that make up New Zealand.

Lauren: capture

i am inspired by quotes, as each day goes by i will combine a quote and picture relative to my day

AM: ..the malls are where people go to eat.

One observation per day.

Mila - groovy dances: Groovy dances

Hi I'm mila. I am seven I like doing videos and photos.I have two little sisters Rosa and sylvie.I like riding my bike to school.I do crazy stuf.I like baking.thanks for reading.

Every day I will film someone doing a cool dance move.

Aimee: The little things

I have always enjoyed making up stories about everyday situations, making them more interesting than they actually are. Every day I am going to take a photo of something I find interesting, the only rules are it has to be outside the house, and I cannot manipulate anything in the photo. I am then going to write a very short story involving what is in the photo.

Grace: Champion Spyglass

Viewing the world through my spyglass. Everyday I will discover the magical properties in an everyday object and document it.

Louise: The Lost Art of Letter Writing

100 letters handwritten to 100 people I know for 100 days. No set length required, just time and care taken to communicate something meaningful, funny, sad, poignant, rude, happy - something that will resonate with the letter's recipient.

Maxine: Drawing

Im going to draw ... no topic no set materials ... just a drawing a day :)

Justin: Sketches

Nothing special here, just 1 sketch a day to improve my drawing.

Caroline: 100 days in the life of… me

every day i'll express whatever has made me feel the most emotion/s by writing, drawing or photography, or with music. I find it hard to limit myself to one area and think by concentrating on me and who I am, and what happens for me each day, and then expressing it creatively I'll become more innovative, more focused, more disciplined and have some wonderful creative memories of the 100 days.

Katherine & Paul: Chicks Mania

Photographic study of chick themes and related paraphernalia

Melanie: getitonpaper!

For 100 days I will draw, write down, make or somehow record one of the creative ideas that come flooding into my head, with a view at the end of the project, of having a cohesive collection.

Sean + Grace: A Tonne of Puppets

Welcome to ‘A Tonne of Puppets’ where Grace my 10 year old daughter and I will take you on an amazing journey of handmade, hand illustrated ‘finger’ puppets. Each day we will have a word or phrase which will become the theme of the day for our finger puppet wizardry. Enjoy our journey - Grace + Sean :)-

Callum: 100 bricks

I have divided Auckland's CBD into a series of 100x100m grids. In each of those grids, I will take photos of buildings, their features, interesting architecture and what ever else strikes my fancy along the way. But, it's all about the buildings.

Toby: Living Lines

Using a uniform line weight, record details of my surroundings where ever I am. Sometimes it will be a view outside, sometimes, a small object, or just my immediate proximity.

(: n/a


M: x


Sophie: Disney Doodles

Each day I'm going to draw a Disney character to improve my drawing skills.

Alycia: A character per day

Learn one chinese character each day for 100 days. Inspired by ShaoLan's TED talk, "chineasy" - http://www.chineasy.org

TanzCan: Untitled

Last year I said that photo collages were going to my thing. I managed 2 in the entire year. The 100 Days project has re-sparked this idea.

Each day I am going to create a panoramic collage of somewhere I am or an activity I am taking part in. I have not pre planned any of my photos, just going to take my camera with me every day.

Carla: A Drawing a Day

Draw (or maybe paint) a little something, by hand, quite quickly.

Also visit: www.scruff.co.nz/

Irene : The Build Up

I have been in the workforce for six months now since I graduated from Unitec and I feel like I am the carrot stick in a vacuum sealed bag with my creativity being sucked out of me so what better way than to reunite with my passion through the 100 day project!? Every day for 100 days I am going to reiterate my day and mood by drawing on a sheet of paper with a variety of media ranging from pen to stitch so by the end of the 100 day period I will be left with a large black and white patterned mural representing my life in a 100 day period.

Desmond: Creative Writing Project

I'm going to create stories and poetry using words I don't know.

Jacinta: i ♡ ♫

I will create an image including a quote from my favorite songs. These lyrics/images will reflect my feelings during that day. Make sure you like: facebook.com/MaerdNZ

Afifa: 99 Attributes of God

In Islam, God has 99 names, or attributes. I'll design an attribute a day in modern Arabic calligraphy, and end with Allah, the all-encompassing name.

erin: Botanical Form Explore

Creating botanical studies, from life whenever possible. Hoping to discover, study and identify more plants and flowers, explore natural forms, keep my technical letter-drawing pencil loose, get out in nature to collect new blooms, and build an archive of studies.

Also documenting on Instagram @rrrellis, #100daysproject

Also visit: erinellis.com

Pearly: Buddhas in Suburbia

Out walking the dog one night I spotted some tiny buddha heads in a cracked picture frame jutting out of a pile of inorganic rubbish. I thought "I could do something with those" and picked them up. That was over 2 years ago.100 days project gives me the incentive to finally do that something.

Hannah: Black and White

I have decided that I am going to make a quilt entirely out of different black and white fabrics. Every day for 100 days I am going to find all kinds of different patterned or textured fabrics from fabric stores or thrift shops and may even get friends to draw a picture and each day sew a new square onto the quilt :)

Heidi: 100 x 10

Free write for ten minutes each day. Totally uncensored. I won't share everything, but in the end there will be something I can share. I'm exploring the power of what you can achieve in the commitment of just ten minutes. What happens if you take just ten minutes of focused time to do something that makes you happy each day? What can you change in 100 days? What can grow? I hope to find out...

Ola: What is true Friendship

I will reflect one conversation i have with friends in a drawing, quote or paragraph. When I reach 100 days, I want to see how my friendships age with time. Also I want to see how much my views on friends can change in just 100 days

Sarah Jayne : A little finger painting…

Using a favourite App on the iPad; http://madewithpaper.fiftythree.com/ these fragrant little drawings will all be sketched and painted by fingers...

Kelly: The Tired Old truck

100 days of mobile graffiti adorning, beautifying my tired old work vehicle. Each day new artwork, perhaps alternating with layers of days of scribbles. Bring graffiti to the masses, the motorway, the suburban street, the local car park, the school grounds, getting people involved.

Siobhan: back to practice

I will do a drawing or piece of typography every day to try get back into practice

Bhavya: Calender type

Illustrate the date.

Tracey : Meals On Heels!

For the next 100 days I will create family meals, baking and other recipes, inspired by the need to be frugal, healthy and often gluten, sugar and dairy free! As a working Mother I am never out of heels, racing home to whip up quick nutritious meals, snacks, baking and treats. Meals On Heels is my 100 Days Project! I am so excited!

Mia: Photos

For 100 days I will be finding old/new photos to use everyday. Some photo's may be stupid,dumb and crazy, and others may mean something special to me.

Kathleen: Flora

Every day I shall create a new flower, leaf, or tree in a myriad of mediums. By springtime I'll have a whole garden!

Nicole: From Miss to Mrs: 100 Photos in 100 Days

I'm going to document my life as I go from being a Miss to being a Mrs through pictures. I'm getting married in August and am excited to record the happenings in my life over the next 100 days. My posts won't necessarily ALWAYS center around my fiance, Eric, and wedding stuff...I just wanted to take this once in my lifetime opportunity to document this part of my life. Click on the pictures below to read more about them.

Karol: Print Mania

Letterpress project
For the 100 Day Project I will be creating a piece of print matter.

Alisha: Black Ink

Everyday for 100 days i'll draw a picture of a person using only black ink. It will be an exercise in mark making to communicate an image without using tone or colour, and will hopefully help me develop my illustration style.

Anastasia: word of the day

To draw or make something in response to dictionary.com’s word of the day. I will complete this task every day for the next 100 days spending a maximum of 20 minutes each time…

Karen: kwest portraits

portraits. everyday a different portrait...either sketch or painting or other...

JAMES: 100 Introductions

I have been trying to find time to start writing again.
For the next 100 days, I am going to write the introduction to a different story each day. This will help me to come up with new characters, stories and ideas and hopefully develop my writing.
The stories will no doubt vary considerably in length and substance due to time constraints and the characters, worlds and themes will change dramatically between each one. That's the point!
Hopefully in 100 days, I will have a few starting points from which full-length stories will corporealize!

Maisie: 100 Days of drawings

I will draw a someone dressing up or any animal each day.

Nick: 100 Day // 1 Android App

Over these 100 days, I will be learning Android SDK; the appropriate tools and programming language to build a fully functioning Android App. Exciting!

Karl: Functional surfaces

Products in our everyday use have what are known as functional surfaces. Functional surfaces are surfaces on a part or product that carry out some function, for example, on a knife the functional surface is the sharp edge, facilitating the function of cutting - though also where the hand meets the handle is a functional surface too.
What am I doing here? Sketching up and exploring a product's functional surfaces each day.

AJ: To start again

It's been so long since I have attempted anything creative or put pen to paper.
So with a trusty black ballpoint, a Moleskine notebook and my camera set to B&W - its time to start scribbling and snapping again and see where it goes...

Xi: The 100 Days Project is my graphic design diary

Many designers did some similar projects before - designing something cool everyday. And so do I now. This design diary include my experiences or thoughts or feelings, what I read, what I learn...

Rachael: Whitebait

I am going to write and complete my very first short film script. I have had this idea for 'Whitebait' for many years however have never actioned it in script form.

Virginia: An exploration of beauty

I will be thinking about what is beautiful. This will include images, words or sounds that appear beautiful to me personally, as well as different cultural interpretations.

Emily shooting Square Portraits: back to basic.

100 portraits.

Jaya: 100 days of India…

A friend asked me to sign up to 100 Days this year...so here I go...100 photos in the life of India Poppy, our much loved, funny and beautiful daughter...

Michelle - gratefulness: Love is in the little things

Every day I'm going to film one second of something I'm grateful for. I'll be looking for love and happiness in the little moments of my daily life.

Also visit: www.memento.net.nz

Tina: Manhattan commute

I'll be more aware of the beautiful surroundings during my commute to work in New York City and post a daily picture. I will be exploring streets, stations, buildings and public transport, and will continue this exploratory attitude on weekends and during my vacations in Luxembourg, Frankfurt and Paris (days 11 to 24) and Mystic, Cape Cod and Narragansett (days 91 to 95).

Jack: 100 days of magic


Also visit:

Raewyn: on my mind

a daily status update from my facebook, with a photograph from my photo library to accompany it.

Clare-Harriette: 1 illustration every day for 100 days

1 illustration everyday for 100 days illustrating a moment, a movement, a madness.

Erika: Threading for love

I have recently become a mamma. I have learned how to knit from my mum so for 100 days I will engage in the art of knitting. I hope to create some original, quality pieces of knitted clothing for my bubba and garments to send to Nepal to an orphanage supported by TNT (a trust set up in support of Tony Mclean's vision who died in the canyoning tragedy in 2008) http://www.tnt.org.nz/home.html

Wiremu: The Captain Vs The Kid

To write and complete an original NZ Musical from start to finish...(Gulp)

Steve: Pieces of the Puzzle

Imogen (9) and I are going to create pieces of art on a blank, randomly-shuffled 100-piece jigsaw puzzle and assemble it on the last day. It's actually a 96-piece so there will be 4 random pieces off to one side!

Trudie: Unidentified

My aim is to produce a catalogue of illustrations that will enable me to create a new character(s) for a picture book. The drawings will include exploration of the style and personality of the characters, and the world in which they exist.

Meenal : 100 Days, 100 Individuals by macandmae.com

Everyone has a story to tell and we want to hear yours. We're spending the next 100 days talking to different individuals from all walks of life to share their story.

Also visit: www.macandmae.com

Jim: Think inside the square

I'll be building blocks of creativity, random thoughts and feelings in paint, paper and recycled wood.

Sarah T: My New Home

I have recently moved to Katikati. I am going to take a picture of the river every day from my home.

jeni: A scribble a day and things/people I love

A series of small sketches with watercolour wash, to see how good I can get at it after 100 days of practice. I started a while ago and for a few days I had gusto and enthusiasm, but as with previous hobbies, once I started being critical and disappointed, I lost confidence and stopped bothering. I might add a journal entry here and there, but for the most part it will be the pencil and the watercolour. I am looking forward to the discipline that commitment - to the 100 Days Project - brings out in me. I have way better staying power with a bit of a push.

Kia Ora

Megan: 100 cats

I'll be creating 100 cat illustrations.

Nikki: Adventures of Pierre the Pipe Cleaner Man

Take a photo each day of the the pipe cleaner man.

Sarah: Colour Me ...

Each day for a hundred days I shall create a colouring in book style image .

Aenslee: 100 Days of Appreciation

Each day for 100 days I will post something related to being appreciative - something I appreciated that happened that day, ways to say thank you, a photo of something I'm grateful for, etc.

Lee: Country File - Kiwi in a small place in the UK

I live in a small village in the heart of the Essex countryside. Despite it being just an hour by train from London it is far removed from the bright lights of the big city. I want to try to capture through photos the essence of the village, the daily life, the people, the animals and the countryside.

Morgan: 100 Expressions of Gratitude

I'm spending 100 days rejuvinating and expressing my gratitude for all the amazing things in my world, those that I have unintentionally over time taken for granted and those that I wish to share simply for the pure joy they bring to my life. I hope that by participating in this project for 100 days that genuine gratitude and sharing gratitude will become habitual for me. I hope that by sharing my appreciation for things significant, and especially those that may be seemingly insignificant, I start to instinctively appreciate my world more - my glass will always be 'half full'. I also hope that by expressing gratitude in this creative way I inspire others to take moments from their own busy lives to simply appreciate life. I will upload a photo a day of something or someone I am grateful for with a caption telling why ♡

Amanda: Procrastination Avoidance

I am forever wishing I had more time draw for pleasure and develop my creativity, but there's always so much other 'stuff' that needs my attention first - kids, work, housework, washing the dog....so my plan for each of the 100 days is to sketch whatever chore that looks set to eat up my creative time. Touche, Avoidance Dishes....your days are numbered!

Sandi: Illustrated Fairy Tales

I'm going to read one fairy tale a day and create an illustration that I feel best suits the story.

Illustrations in black ink on white paper.

Michael: Lines become forms and forms evolve into something

Working with lines and repetition that can eventually evolve into different forms representing either the spaces we inhabit, people we are surrounded by or things we gain inspiration from. Media used varies between hand sketches to computer software or both.

Louise - Elfin Cards: Elfin Cards Project

One card a day.

With a theme chosen randomly from a dictionary entry.

With one rest day a week.

The cards will be available for sale at the end of the 100 days project. If you're interested in any, come along to the exhibition at the end of the project, or drop me a line.

Nick: Stuff I can’t get enough of

Hello all, I will be photographing things that I can't get enough of. These 'things' may be products, influences, resources, symbols, people, thoughts, places and so on and so forth...

Also visit: nickbaillie.com/