100 Days Project


2014 Project Dates

Thanks to all those who came along for the Day 100 Show!!

Until next year...keep making and creating.

If you'd like to receive an invite to participate in the 2014 Project,  please go to our facebook page and signup for the newsletter here: https://www.facebook.com/100daysproject/app_302195676460262

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Join us for The Day 100 Show!

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Day 71 Coffee & Catchup!


Thanks to everyone who made it along this morning to Alleluya Cafe. It was great to meet some of the participants and and talk about how their projects are going. We were even able to assist Jeanine with some bubble-blowing, and Ruby, Clare & Lily with their Miranda moment!

Not great photos - was too busy chatting and enjoying the company. Keep up the good work everyone - look forward to seeing more of you on Day 100! News & information about the venue for the Day 100 Show coming soon.

Thanks also to the team at Alleluya for accomodating such a rowdy bunch first thing :)

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School takes on 100 Days Challenge

The students & staff at Samuel Marsden Collegiate School were so inspired by the idea of a 100 Days Project, they decided to run their own project in 2013.

Forty students from Year 10 took part, I joined them in Wellington last week to take a look at what these remarkable young people had produced for their '100 Days Show' – and help them celebrate their achievements.

"Marsden, in its vision to “develop confident, independent, learners who think creatively and who are challenged to reach their academic and personal potential,” was looking for an independent project to offer to our Year 10 girls. The 100 Days Project automatically came to mind. Why offer an independent research project the likes of which schools up and down the country run? As innovators, we should set our bar higher and aim for something different. Something creative. Something with grit." - Philippa Nicoll, Head of English.

The projects were an impressive mix of daily observations, and finely crafted stories and illustrative works. One keen pianist used the project to learn a new piece of music, 3 bars a day. A 100 Day search for things 'pink' and another for all things 'blue' made for colourful mosaics, while '100 fish' was an impressive and tactile daily challenge to illustrate fish - by the end, no two days were alike. From exquisite character drawings, to 100 Days of Stickman and his misadventures, the student works were engaging, curious and genuinely unexpected. Projects like the '100 acts of kindness', and a very honest visual diary, gave us a glimpse into the ups and downs of teenage life, in a variety of sketched moments and collected mementos.

As always - the creativity of young people is humbling and heartwarming and I especially loved hearing about how many of the students had engaged the whole family in the project. I look forward to seeing how the project evolves with the school next year!

The students 100 Days Challenge


With thanks to Samuel Marsden Collegiate School & students. www.marsden.school.nz

10 August, 2013. 

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